live outside the ordinary

Discovery starts summer 2019
Unplug to recharge in Andalusia, Spain



No, we're not emigrating! We love this chilly, damp country of ours and our nearest and dearest too much to do that. We're also unbelievably grateful we can work the way we do, each and every day. Nonetheless, we're about to fulfill a long‑cherished dream of ours, creating our very own piece of paradise under the Spanish sun. Bluemonque Nature Escapes is perhaps an unorthodox addition to our current ventures, but it brings together all our loves, passions and talents, and allows us to create something truly unique. A fusion of our love for nature, the outdoors and the serenity they provide. We paid particular attention to ecological and environmental issues to create a setting in which you can be at one with nature. A setting where you'll find total tranquillity and be able to clear your mind ready for new inspiration. Add to all this our love for all things food-related and last, but by no means least, our passion for sport and adventure. After all, we love to create!

Outdoor adventure experience

With Bluemonque Nature Escapes, we're looking to provide an immersive outdoor adventure experience. You'll stay in either our spacious guest accommodation or in one of our bell tents. 


The perfect spot 

We've found an amazing location off the beaten track in the magnificent, protected countryside of Andalusia. And what's more, it's ecologically self-sustaining! We couldn't have found a more perfect spot to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world in which we live.


The finca

Our main building is situated on approximately 10,000 m² of fertile land surrounded by almond trees. The house dates to the first half of the 20th century when it served as a church and refuge for those being persecuted under the Franco regime. The building was later used as a school, hence its name La Escuela.


The experience

Escaping into the big outdoors means letting go of the trappings of modern‑day life. Back to basics and at one with nature. Unplug to recharge! You're more than welcome to be our guest!



We serve a deliciously healthy breakfast every morning, Five evenings a week, join us for a group dinner using authentic produce from the local surroundings or grown on our own land. It's up to you…